Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Lawyers Markham

We will sort out the complexities of residential and commercial real estate.

Protect Yourself

We can help you understand what you are agreeing to, manage the process, and protect your rights and interests. You need a lawyer to help you before you make an offer.

Buying a home is:

    • Emotionally charged
    • the single largest commitment most people ever make
    • Filled with pressure
    • Confusing

Personal Consultation

We will personally work with you to help you understand make rational decisions. Get legal advice before you make an offer – it’s a legal and binding contract.

We can assist you with:

    • Residential Purchase & Sale Transactions
    • Residential & Commercial Mortgages
    • Construction Financing Agreements
    • Resolving Disputes

Contact Paul Kupferstein, Markham Residential Real Estate Lawyer, to arrange a personal consultation and make sure your interests are protected in any future real estate transaction.

Residential Real Estate